The Book of Dead Testimonials - [2024]


The Book of Dead has an RTP of 96,21% which is definitely part of my criteria when looking for the best casino slot games. It’s probably not the most unique of all the slot games that are present in the market today but its popularity far outweighs this. It has everything that can hook players in, win big and overall, have fun. This is the perfect recipe for success.” Poker News.

“From the time it was launched in the market, the one thing that stood out the most was the great graphics. Ever since, the game has gone through a few tweaks here and there that has enhanced the quality of the game further. It can be quite a fun play.” Askedlucas (AskGamblers)

“This game is not just popular as Play’n GO’s most popular game but the most popular in the industry. It’s my go-to slot game whenever I feel like playing a good online casino game. The thing that excites me most about this game is the fact that I can still enjoy the game with a low bankroll. Pls, the bonus spins. It might take a little bit of patience to have game trigger the free spins but once it happens, it’s all worth the wait. If you’re lucky, you might even win 4 bonuses under 100 spins.” BlackJax (AskGamblers)

“… I believe that this is probably one of Playn’ GO’s most popular gambling game in the market right now. The concept followed by the game is very similar to the Book of Ra but it is not to say that the Book of Dead game has no unique feature of its own. In fact, the game is highly praised by everyone for its amazing graphics. Secondly, the game allows low betting sizes so for low rollers, this game is perfect. According to my personal experience, I have enjoyed a lot of winnings that were massive in the game. Because of this, I want to play this game every day and find out just how much I can maximize on my earnings. Even their free spins feature is so easily triggered so I don’t have to wait for along to get my bonus rounds.” Kayenne23 (AskGamblers)

“This is a very unpredictable and interesting game that has got me hooked for life! The game can really keep you on the edge of the seat throughout. It could take some time for the game to give you what you are looking for but once you do, she can make you win big money.”- Vita_Ru (AskGamblers)

“In our opinion, there’s no better game to describe the glory that is the developers at Playn’ Go than to consider their number one game, Book of Dead. Starting from the exceptional graphics to the specialties that are in built within the game, this game has impressed us through and through. Plus, the possibility that you could win big money with this is just spectacular. It’s one of the most appealing features of the game.”- Big Win Board.

“The animations and graphics on this game are just out of this world. Book of Dead has repeatedly proven with all its updates since its launch that they pay careful attention to customer reviews and improve the game with each update. With an interesting storyline and exciting gameplay, it’s hard to let go of the game but make sure that you set limits for yourself in the high volatility of the game. Overall, it’s a good game for anyone who wants a good time with big winnings.”- Geek Girl Authority.

“We are fans of the game, especially because of the free spins feature. With all the added benefits that players in the game can enjoy, there’s nothing like the Book of Dead slot game on the market right now. For gamblers, a special feature allows a small gambling mini-game within the game, which is the final touch needed to elevate this platform to another level. Overall, we will say that it is one of the best or, better yet, the best slots from Playn’ Go.” – Ekstrapoint.

“This game’s features, play and graphics are just as great as the day that it was launched. Above everything else that’s noteworthy about this game, the one thing that takes the cake is the free spin feature. These kinds of features makes sure that there’s so much variations within the game, it’s always exciting to play and never too boring. It’s a game that is worthy enough to compete with some of the best in the industry right now.”- Gamble Guys.

“While we have seen many games that have a similar game plan and gaming mechanics like the Book of Dead, the one thing that sets it apart are the bonuses and the free spins. The theme itself was already interesting, following a great storyline but the extra benefits when playing the game makes it even more enticing to hook players in. Because of these features, the game has enjoyed international recognition and landing it among the top list of casino slot games to have ever launched.”- About Slots.

Last updated: 15/12/2022